New DXR Ink.

Tuesday, March 15th. A truly good day. The day started with heading to Solid State Tattoo to get one of the Destination X Ride logo symbols I designed permanently embedded in my flesh. For me, it will serve as a reminder of how I need to stay committed to this Destination X Ride of mine. To keep focused and moving in a forward direction constantly. No spinning of wheels. Except, of course, for the motorcycle wheels accelerating down the road to the next cause function. And, it looks pretty coolish too.

Julio at Solid State did a fffabulous job transferring my design to ink. Also, was great about putting up with the video documenting going on while he was putting his talents to work. And, oh yes, good conversation was mixed in as well. Thank you Julio.

So, the ink was dry. Time for the next stage of the day. To go to the Willie Nelson show at the Riverside Theatre. I have long wanted to see him perform. He is one of the few icons still with us. A living legend, indeed. It was an amazing show. Given by an amazing man. Keep it up Willie.

A good day. Personified.

Below you will find a few tattoos I have gotten over the past few years. More to come in future. A bit of an addiction they are.

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