New life freshly hatched.

May 12, 2011. Four new lives were brought into this world. Absolutely beautiful.

I’ve been waiting for this day for a few weeks. Wondering if the four robin eggs would hatch successfully. Good work mumma robin. And you too proud and definitely protective papa.

I will be documenting the growth of these little ones. For very brief periods of time, of course. Can’t be messing with Mother Nature too much. I just will be offering short glimpses at the little tykes from time to time.

Feel free to stop back anytime to check on their development.

Day 2/ 5.13.11

Day 4/ 5.15.11

Day 6/ 5.17.11

Day 8/ 5.19.11

Day 9/ 5.20.11

Day 12/ 5.23.11

Day 14/ 5.25.11

Day 15/ 5.26.11

Take care little ones.