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Embarrassing moments and seeing Red.

I had a doctor appointment at the clinic in Keshena on Monday, so I figured I would stay in Shawano for a few days to spend some time with my mom. Also, I wanted to fish a couple of my favorite rivers and shoot some video on Highway 55, which makes its way through the Menominee Indian Reservation. I used to ride my Ducati Monster there quite often.

It was Monday afternoon and I was done with my doctor appointment. I was ready to fish. I had decided to fish a stretch of the Embarrass River, which is definitely one of my most favorite rivers to fish. With my canoe I used to float an absolutely beautiful 12-mile stretch that had a healthy population of smallmouth bass, my fish of choice.

I was not going to be floating the river this time, so I needed to find land access to a productive stretch I wanted to fish. I managed to find some DNR land that would allow me to get close to the area of the river I wanted to fish. It was quite a long hike in, close to a mile actually. It may not be that much of a distance, but I was wearing felt bottom wading boots, which do not make for ideal hiking. Also, the temps were in the upper 90′s with 6,000% humidity.

The Embarrass River, I was finally standing at the banks of this amazing river. Beauty personified.

Good to see you again my old friend Red.

I woke up Tuesday morning later than I wanted to. I had planned on going back to the Embarrass to fish a stretch further down river, but I was completely drained and in pain from the day before. So, I decided that I would shoot video late morning through early afternoon and fish after that.

The Red River was the chosen river for that day. A beautiful river with plenty of smallmouths in it just waiting to be caught. And a bonus of fishing that stretch is I did not have to walk very far to get to it. The temperature was even hotter than on Monday, so the less walking the better.

It felt so good to step foot into the Red and take in all aspects of it.

Bonus clip.

Be sure to check it out, you won’t want to miss it. Go ahead, press play. No need to be afraid. (You may want to watch the Red River video before you view this one. You will see why after watching them both.)


  1. John from Comics and Art
    Posted 5 Aug ā€™11 at 12:13 pm | Permalink

    DUDE! Looks like a good time for you. Too bad I’m anti-nature or I might enjoy something like that :P

    Hey what did you film this with?
    John@Comics and Art recently posted..Addicted to Non-Interactive Video Games

    • TEDX
      Posted 5 Aug ā€™11 at 12:59 pm | Permalink

      Hey John,

      Thank you for stopping by and checking out this post. It definitely was a good time fishing those rivers again. Has been far too long since I’ve put on the wading boots and stepped in. I used a Cannon G9 to take the video. It’s a good compact camera that works well for situations such as this.

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