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A.k.a. Marco Simoncelli, a.k.a. No. 58, a.k.a. one of the most important young talents rising up in the MotoGP world, passed away from injuries sustained from a crash in lap one of the Malaysia Grand Prix. He was 24 years old.

I became aware of his passing Monday night the day after the race. I had been fully immersed in the DTRF Patient Symposium and Running for Answers 5K Walk/Run in Philadelphia that weekend. So I was not able to see the race on Sunday like I normally do.

When I found out my heart immediately sank. I have not felt so much emotion about someone in the public eye dying, since Johnny Cash’s passing. I’m still affected by it. I guess some of the reasons I have been so impacted by his death have been that he was so young, he had so much to offer the world, on and off the track, and I really developed a fondness for him as the 2011 season and Marco evolved. And oh yes, perhaps the fact that my dad died at such a relatively young age also has something to do with it.

I was going to get into controversy revolving around the crash. His riding style, aggressiveness and immaturity. I have decided not to talk about that. There is plenty of that out there in webland already.

What I will say about him, is that he was a talented young rider who was on the fast track to being a being a superstar in the world of MotoGP. Hence his nickname, SuperSic. He rode from from the heart, driven to win and very much headed in a winning direction. He was starting to mature as the season progressed, riding with his head more and more with every race.

Marco, you will truly be missed by millions around the world. The MotoGP needed you, the sport needed you and we needed you. You gave us all a much needed shot in the arm of passion, personality, charisma, talent and drive that is truly rare these days. Thank you Marco, No. 58.

Below are some embedded videos and a link to a well done article that will offer more info about SuperSic. Two of the videos show the crash. One in particular is a slow motion of the crash. I was on the fence about showing it but, I feel that is important to understand how the accident unfolded. I mean zero disrespect to Marco by showing it. Just thought I would give a warning about the graphic nature of the videos. Also, I embedded a couple videos of his funeral. Very emotional stuff. A few of the videos are in Italian, I could not find ones in english. The emotion of it all still translates.

Some Closing Thoughts About Marco Simoncelli – By Jensen Beeler

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