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My mom and I  went to mass at the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows today. I have been to mass there once before last Christmas. It is a beautiful place of worship.

This mass was especially emotional for me, because of my sister’s recent surgery and it being before this ride journey I’m going to be embarking on. And it is the anniversary of my dad’s death. So many thoughts and prayers running through my mind. Being beside my mom in such a setting was such a wonderful thing. Perfect really.

After the mass my mom asked the priest, Father Tom, to bless a St. Christopher/St. Michael the Archangel medal that she gave me to protect me on the ride.

We then asked Father Tom if he could bless the bike, Elegia. He said yes. So I rode the bike to the front of the Shrine. He then sprinkled holy water on Elegia and blessed her, the ride and me. It was a very moving experience.

It definitely gives me a feeling of being protected on my ride. I believe it gives my mom a great sense of peace. She has been so supportive and positive throughout this entire ride process. I know she worries about me being safe on the ride because of my health issues and also just the general risks of such a ride.

Thank you Father Tom, Our Lady of the Snows and my mom, of course.

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