Ride update No. 1 from Vail.

While sitting here at Bearfish Pub and Grill in Vail I figured I’d post a ride update on this blog of mine. I have been posting from my phone to the Destination Regularly. It is a little more complicated posting here, so blog posts will not be quite as frequent.
The ride officially began at 4pm this past Thursday.

Not long after I hit the road on Thursday I ran into a substantial storm which included hail. An oh-so-nice way to start off a ride. I rode through the night until I reached Anamosa, Iowa round 1:30 am. I then went to a nearby campground where I slept for a couple hours or so. I woke with the sun and headed west.

I proceed for the rest of the day making my way through the rest of Iowa. I stopped in Omaha, Nebraska to get something to eat and cool down. After eating, cooling down and regrouping I saddled up to continue my westward journey. In 102 degree heat. Sizzle sizzle aplenty. I stopped for gas in Lexington, Nebraska. I felt pretty good still. By that time, I had logged almost 800 miles since I left Wisconsin the day before at 4 pm. I decided to push onto Colorado. I had had my fill of Nebraska and wanted to get just past the border into Colorado. Which was a couple more hours of riding.

As I left Lexington, the sun was setting. I was riding into a truly magnificent sunset. A couple hours later I was checking into a little hotel in Julesburg, CO. Thank god. I was spent and in pain. The mile count at that point was just under 1,000 miles in a day and a half. Not bad for a guy without a colon, ureteral stent, a near-dead kidney, FAP and a Desmoid Tumor. And I’m no spring chicken either. The Ducati Multistrada 1200 S definitely had something to do with being able to put on so many miles. I is quite comfortable to ride, and of course, fun to ride.

After a much needed reasonably good night sleep, I pointed myself and Elegia westwardly. It was quite hot, the ambient temperature gauge on the bike said 110 at one point. I was driven to make it to the Rockies while it was still light. About 40 miles east of Denver I came over a hill and saw the faint hazy image of the said Rockies. I immediately found myself getting emotional for some reason. I guess I thought I might never get to see such a sight again. I’m getting choked up again just writing about it.

I rode through Denver and increased my elevation and energy with every mile. I stopped at a gas station in Idaho Springs to fill up and put on my riding gear. Since the temps were dropping with the altitude and Weatherbug on my phone showed that there was rain ahead. Also, the lightning to the west was a bit of a sign of wet things to come.

So I got back on 70 West. I then stopped in on Dillon for a break and figure out where I was going to camp for the night. By that time it started raining. I ended up talking to a guy that pointed me in a southernly direction towards Leadville and Granite. So I took his advice. I wish I didn’t. Oh well. Ha.

Riding 91 at night in the rain was a tad stressful. A lot of elevation change, corners, deer and elk. Fun times. I arrived in Leadville without any camping luck. So I headed back the way I came. At least it was not raining anymore.

I got back to 70 West and after doing a little research on my phone, decided to camp at Gore Creek Campground. It’s just east of Vail. Thankfully, there was a campsite available. I set up camp and immediately passed out.

I woke up, looked outside my tent door to a view of mature pines and mountains. Such a sight took my mind off the pain that had kicked in overnight. I began to break camp get cleaned up and took a little walk down to Gore Creek. Absolutely beautiful.

I got the bike loaded which is definitely a process. I’m sure I’ll become more efficient with it as the days and miles pass. I decided to head to vail to get something to eat, charge camera, laptop and phone batteries. And of course, write this blog post.

So there you have it, the first ride blog post update. MMMany more to come. So keep on stopping by. Until next time, keep the rubber to the road. And I’ll continue to do the same.


  1. Posted 21 Jul ’12 at 4:28 pm | Permalink

    Hey dude, you really put some miles on there. Lucky there was that campsite available or you might have had to keep rolling. Hopefully you have some cooler days ahead. Looking forward to more!
    John Garrett recently posted..Destination X – Ducati, FAP and The Ride of a Lifetime

    • Posted 1 Sep ’12 at 12:06 pm | Permalink

      Hey John,

      Sorry I did not respond to this comment of yours until now. I just sifted through almost 700 spam comments. Ugh. Yes, I have a ton of miles thus far. Many of them were of the hot variety. I am in the process of going through photos and video. Will be posting soon.

      Thank you for following and always being sooo supportive John. I hope all is well in your world. I will give you a call. Love to catch up.

      Take care man.

  2. Mary Chadwick
    Posted 23 Jul ’12 at 7:07 pm | Permalink

    Sounds like you are taking the rough with the smooth Todd! Some tricky patches & some amazing times! You are doing a great job with the photography & updates, I have enjoyed following the ride thus far. Keep up the fantastic work & keep yourself as safe & well as you can out there. Look forward to the next blog :)

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