Bike X.

Meet Bike X. Well, a representation of her anyway. She would be a Ducati Multistrada. Either a 1000DS or 1100DS. Depending on what is available out there in the world of used bikes.

There are a few bikes that I felt were good options for this ride. The BMW GS, Triumph Tiger, KTM Adventure, Moto Guzzi Stelvio, Yamaha Ténéré, Suzuki V-Strom and of course, the Ducati Multistrada.

I chose the Multistrada because, when it comes down to it, I still have a bit of an addiction to the Ducati. My fetish for this Italian work of art on two wheels started back in 2002, when I purchased my Ducati Monster.

She gave me so many miles of joy. She has been in parts for a couple of years now. On this ride she will not be joining me. But, one of her sisters will be taking me on this ride, this journey.

The Monster would not be the right bike for this ride anyway. I need a bike that has a more upright riding position. All of the miles will definitely be handled more comfortably with the Multi. Also, with the surgeries I have had and the ureter stent in me, the upright riding position is a must.

So, I have chosen the bike and created the graphics for it. Now I just have to locate it and continue generating the funds necessary to purchase it. Through taking on all the work I can. Through t-shirt sales, selling my photography (prints and usage) and whatever other methods I come up with, I will get this bike and all of the other items needed for this ride.

I cannot wait until the day I am installing the graphics on the actual Bike X. That day will come. It has to.




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